Category: Ransomware

How to safely remove Ransom.Wixido!gen1 virus from PC

  How dangerous  is  Ransom.Wixido!gen1 virus? Ransom.Wixido!gen1  enters into your system through spam email. AFter entering it lock all necessary files and folders.User can’t access these files with out having… Read more »

.Cristmas@india_com Ransomware quick removal guide

 Want to free files locked by .Cristmas@india_com ?Follow below guide: .Cristmas@india_com   is a Ransomware.After entering it locked all files. It entered via spam email attachment. It add   .arrow… Read more »

How to remove I have your password Blackmail Virus from PC

 How dangerous is  I have your password Blackmail Ransomware ? I have your password Blackmail  is dangerous virus.It belongs to Trojan virus.This  is a Ransomware.This ransomware  encrypts all your necessary files… Read more »